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They have to be handle with care as any sparks from from will result in their uselessness. With a street price just over $500 this no installation folding panel produces equal power for way less cost than our previous roof mounted solar setup. GPC-75-MAX 75 Amp 4-Stage Converter/Battery Charger – did you replace the existing converter in rv? Last August (living in Rapid City, South Dakota) we got 1.9 inch hail and it totaled out the roof on our home (it had been redone only 16 months previously) but the solar panels on the camper were completely undamaged. High end installations using lithium ion batteries can easily go above $10,000. 3. It’s nice to know that if I’m gonna fork out $4000 for your system, that the panels are tough enough to withstand hail. While you’re boondocking do you miss the ability to bake? Hello, Wynns! I have not installed anything yet so the batteries can be returned for a few more days, but the panels I have been putting to use regularly for testing applications such as a portable solar generator and I am very happy with their performance but I am always running the 600 watt battery Power supply and Jump starter to the limit., mostly because I am trying to figure out how many batteries to place in the RV. Did you have to buy both “kits” or can you hook up extra panels to your Extreme kit? I did consider this, only problem is if we sell the RV I’m not sure the purchaser wants to be without a gene. I have a fairly new Xantrex inverter/charger that monitors all the power and has a genset to shore switch. Also the MPPT vs PWM controller if you’re installing a lot of wattage. which is very hot most of the summer so we are using the rooftop AC often and are paying for power. We did this for 5 years in a 36 ft Cruise Aire about 30 years ago, and Solar wasn’t an option so we used the built in Generator often, which was noisy and costly. We also have a smaller super efficient Morningstar sure sine inverter that is on all the time for the satellite receiver, internet hotspot, computers and cell booster, TV, electric bike as well as chargers for an array of other items. So total cost over time is way lower than any other battery. Will be experimenting this weekend with tilting the array. Turning your RV into a solar-powered machine is a great way to cut costs, get off the grid, and live off the radar. On the Go Power! Just one question remains, and I have not seen it on your site yet: A discussion of batteries. Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. Solar Extreme Kit) and comes with: It also came with everything needed for RV setup including detailed install instructions.  I thought about installing myself but considering I have very few tools on board, limited knowledge of electrical, and wanted to wire a lot more outlets, I opted for a dealer install. More money but a lot more available AH. What’s the big deal with a pure sine inverter?  A pure sine inverter operates just like household power.  Basically if you can run it inside your house it will work in your RV.  For example our modified sine wave inverter wouldn’t run our induction plate, milk frother or espresso machine (and I’ve read it’s hard on laptops and camera battery chargers). As we like to tell everyone we are not the end all be all experts on solar, if you find something that works for you by all means go for it! Since you asked about batteries, from your list – I’d definitely recommend AGM for a solar system. told us the glass panels could handle hail…I wonder if our new flex panels will fare so well? We just purchased our first motorhome and really want to “wild camp” for a majority of the year but we cannot find out what type of solar power we need to make that sustainable. Any panels under $1 per watt are a great deal. and We were caught in a snow storm in November while boondocking and ran the forced air heater for three days and still had 60% power capacity. That’s what we had on our last RV (4 x 150) which had more real estate on the roof than our Vesta. Since we launched our new website in the late Spring of 2016, Precision RV has received a lot of inquiries about having solar installed on RVs across the country. And, how do they install the roof panels to insure against water leakage as I gather they are somehow bolting the bracket on the roof? A couple of questions. Two 60 watt panels may work better. Please keep the solar training videos coming would like to know how you’re using your 600W, Brian, Thanks! Best The components listed above are our recommendation for developing a basic, quality efficient solar system available. I have been researching solar power systems for nearly a year now and I found your site today and have been engulfed in it now for over 3 hours which passed like minutes to me. In many cases even 125 watt panels are too big for the sometimes limited space on the roof. 1 X GP-DC-Kit-5 Magnum MS2012 2000W Inverter 12V W/50A Pfc Charger. After all this reading, I am aware that we may not be able to afford such a glamorous camping life as we once enjoyed, using solar power, and I am now questioning my purchases for the system. I can answer your question from experience: We had a 1500 watt Modified Sine Magnum Inverter/Charger and it was a piece of junk compared to our new setup. I got a quote from Monaco to install the Magnum 2000W sine wave inverter/charger … $3400. Yup, good call!, Rain-X says no. Thanks… We got the scoop from some local pros and caught our limit for both Razer Clams and Crab. I am planning on converting a School bus to an RV and would need both correct if I hook to sure power? Curious Minion. I think their 6V capacity about 440 Ahrs, so 2-6V AGMs would supply 440 Ahrs at 12V. Check reddit’s /r/personalfinance for decent financial tips. Fully expandable, we could add way more solar but before we do that we need to add more batteries. Some brands like Zamp have a significantly higher cost, but they are also known to be higher quality. This is where it gets expensive. You can avoid hot summers for the most part when you’re travelling full time, however it’s amazing how hot it gets in places like Idaho, Maine, Washington, Colorado, etc. You should look into the GoPower pure sine, they are a great company who is socially responsible and stands behind their products with a great warranty. We have exercised the system running both a/c and microwave and it worked well though we were running 3.0 kW through the inverter. A couple of good suggestions are the Magnum 100amp, the 80amp Outback, or BlueSky energy 24i and link 2 of them together. Thanks! Sooo… Being that I am ready (NOW) to buy my solar system But I can’t figure out how to do it or better yet how to get what I want… I want the Extreme package but I want the flexible panels (I have an Airstream). with a portable panel and an extra 12v battery you would likely have enough power to run a laptop for several hours a day, but there’s not a single answer. From all of our research the best type of battery is Lithium, however for most people it’s cost prohibitive…prices are dropping so hopefully in a few years we can all afford them. So stay tuned! In mid summer we also take along a honda 2000 generator that we combine with the 1000 to run the A/C when needed. For 4 thousand dollars, I can run my 8kw diesel genny 4 hrs a day to keep my batteries charged for every single minute left in my natural life…. We’ve just recently launched a Video and post about: “It’s typically 8-gauge or smaller wiring that’s completely unusable for anything bigger. Garbage in = pure sine wave and 120V out. I’m going to have a system of the same size for about $1220 including every component you mentioned including the batteries Sure, they include everything you need, but they’re also ridiculously expensive (the lone exception being Renogy Solar’s Solar Power 100 watt Starter Kit available on Amazon.com. Some pass incoming power (including trashed sine wave and voltage excursions) except at such times as “brownout” or “overvoltage” conditions occur. However, there are UPSes which continuously condition power. I was, in the beginning, thinking of using a 3000 watt pure sine inverter and plugging the RV supply cord from the generator into it and using the Panels as the power source in place of the gas powered gen. which I could then simply switch the plug back to the Gen output plug when needed. Not on solar panels and not on plastic. Jason thank you for all your advice on RVing full time. Their RV Solar Installation was inexpensive and straight forward. As all solar systems are unique, please call us on 0401834600 for an exact quote. A quality system will run in the thousands of dollars. Yep, that’s the one we’re using in the Excursion, however we’re getting a new inverter for our next RV. Just because we work with Go Power! I guess I’m just not green enough… So, it’s a reasonable alternative to purchase a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the specific purpose to protect delicate electronics and PCs. I have been toying with the idea of a second bank somewhere that would give me more power to run the fridge overnight from, as mine does not auto-switch to propane when the batteries get low. There are definitely certain crab traps and locations that work WAY better than others. Van Life Guide To Moochdocking, RV Residential Refrigerator – How Much Power Does It Use. I became tired of trying to figure out every different kind of battery in the world and some too complicated to understand, so I just bit the bullet and went with 4 Lifeline 6v GPL-6/CTs @ 300AH each. I guess this bargain ain’t such a bargain. Assuming you can find a way to install it, a system like this will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $9,500–$10,500 total. Plus you can discharge them more than the 50% of leads and they don’t mind sitting uncharged for long periods of time. Aust ask around, take, your time and never buy a kit, Hi My Wife and I are Now Full time we Have A 36′ Class A & We Really Want To Go Solar All The Way & Are Willing to Take A Step at A Time to Do it One Time Right, Thanks to everyone for All Your Info Please Keep it Up Great Stuff Rich & Terrie Vahsholtz. Also, you can’t mix new batteries with old so that’s another reason I went with 6 from the get-go. I am currently awaiting the arrival of my 5000 continuous and 10,000 watt peak pure sine wave power inverter from Green Power Solutions, $147.50 and free shipping. Our Vesta was not wired well from the factory so the install included adding multiple outlets to the inverter, installing a proper circuit breaker for the inverter, and running a ton of new wire. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Solar Extreme. For financial and environmental reasons, this first step will make you happy. David, My father works in the Generator/Electrical business and one major misconception regarding batteries is brand. Thanks for sharing your system stats and successes! I realized these were not the best batteries for a solar system but for less than $100.00 each and providing 122 ah’s ea., they fit the budget we have to work with. One question I’ve yet to see answered is about the installation of the panels on the roof. Of course the sun came rolling in for the last 3 days of our visit so we weren’t able to document this. With that math, at a $6000 investment in solar, it would take a little over 2 years for the sample solar installation to pay off – and it will take almost 4 years for our own solar costs to be recouped. Another good resource for charger/inverter knowledge outside of solar is http://www.bestconverter.com, and not just cause the owner’s name is also Randy. The downside is that’s just one piece of the system and quality batteries/charge controllers/inverters are not cheap. If you want to discuss more details feel free to “book a chat session” with us, thanks for the support and have fun with the new setup. I’m 0 for 2. Hey Tom, thanks for sharing your experience with the AGM’s! Funny you should mention 12 on a cloudy day…while on the coast of the Pacific Northwest we found ourselves in fog…often. You’re on the right track, just not 100% sure about your battery purchase. I have upgraded lighting, sound system, and etc, but seems shops don’t have any expertise in electronics. Hi there, I have what might be a dumb question, so forgive me. Supplement with a small wind turbine if you can get away with in and if you’re in an area that gets decent wind. If you contact GoPower! How did you resolve the crossover issues of adding a new system? Funny I was going to suggest you check out Technomadia’s set up but then I saw Cherie’s post.I’m a big fan of them also. 600 watts! We’re getting a new flat panel system on our new RV which is supposed to be a more simple install, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. It is a lot of money Jim, however for peace and quiet while we’re wild camping in the middle of nature, I’d say it’s worth it. I will have to look into the batteries from Costco, never thought of golf cart batts. Test velocity is 23m/s (82.8km/hr, or 51.4mph). With 600 amps of solar, 5500 watt Onan and a composting toilet the only weak spot is water. However I want to make sure you guys get credit for my purchase and I don’t see that option on your “shopping” list. David, Good luck. Hello Wynn’ Awesome Rocky! Would love to see you do a segment on that. In 15 years, we have had less than 1% of our modules returned to us and the only weather-related issues we have heard of were due to lighting strikes. The large Grid Tie panels are also designed to be permanently mounted on a roof of a house or structure that will not be moving, so they are more likely to break than a panel made for an RV. http://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/lithium-rv-deep-cycle.php. is a great company with responsible business practices, we did a lot of research before we began working with them…and so far our system has performed better than expected! The entire solar setup was about $2600 with myself doing the install. Let our staff at RV Master Techs help you assess your solar panel installation and get you started with the process. I bought the components from Ecodirect for less than $1,700. Currently we’re using the Magnum MS2012 Puresine Wave inverter and it’s been great. However last year I helped install a commercial set of 6 AGMs from China in my son’s motorhome that were only about $150 each … much cheaper. We had it installed on the way to Yosemite at Manteca Trailer. We tow an older 21 ft. Airstream so the 80watt kit would suffice……..but…..why not go,for it all. Here's a solar powered RV price list that will give you a quick understanding of how much it will cost to install solar power on your van, trailer, or RV. In that regard, could you tell us who did your installation? Totaled old rig in 70 car pile up between Vera Cruz and Puebla, Mexico. A solar energy system includes the solar panels, lithium batteries, inverter and lots of wires. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We recently purchased an old 1983 Jamboree that sat more than it was used, with only 45,000 original miles on it, but from sitting and neglect I have done a lot of remodeling and repairing. You can see our solar upgrades here, the newest being our 900+watt setup: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/solar Our Fleetwood has four standard size batteries, so that’s good news 🙂. If you’re interested I can get you the tech’s name as he did a bang up job for us, really a clean install. Wherever you choose to have the kit installed make sure you have them add outlets to the inverter, the current inverted outlet setup on the Vesta is just ridiculous. Looking forward to it! 1 X GP-SW3000-12 I am off to watch as many of your videos as I can while I wait for a reply, and want to thank you for having taken the time to post so much user info. According to your blog, it appears that you intend to install solar on roy, too. But hey, it might rain, right. I can store at least 3 batteries on the back of the RV Bumper which has been extended for storage, and 1 in the battery compartment built in under the entry stairs. David, Full-time RV'er Marvin Braun can help you with your RV Solar needs today! It depends on what you want to do, how you want to use the RV, the size of your rig, and your budgetary constraints. I spend a lot of time in the south, what would it take to run a roof A/C at night, would this power it? Thanks for sharing. Nice solar setup but battery technology is where we finally have arrived Li-Ion that are totally RV friendly and your Magnum Pure Sine wave panel can set it up to work efficiently with this green technology. And yes our convection oven works on the solar power, so we have the best of both worlds…..as long as it’s sunny. I assume that would have also powered all the Vesta’s receptacles. We were 100% happy with our installer, but we just randomly selected a dealer that was near us. Check out the Sun Oven, it’s a great investment for RVers: http://www.sunoven.com/all-american-sun-oven Works like a champ if there is sun (won’t work so well in the rainy pacific northwest), and it keeps your RV from getting too warm on hot days. All this gear comes at such a great expense you’d be better off just running a generator. • No display on the charge controller so you don’t know how your batteries are performing. but it makes perfect sense. Assuming an average campground cost $40 per night, this solar setup will pay for itself in a year if you wild camp just 2 days per week (or 100 days).  Often times we’ve found free camping in the surrounding areas of popular destinations like Lake Tahoe, Grand Tetons, Savannah, Lake George and many more. Hope this helps. Now I don’t have to worry about power when I take my camper to the lake or just camping. Adding additional panels and batteries will also increase that cost as well. Actually the MarineRV batteries Deep Cycle Maxx at Walmart are quite good. Thanks, Ken. doesn’t mean we can’t help with any solar product, now granted we don’t have a personal experience with the Costco product you’re asking about but we did have a look at the specs and here’s what we’ve noticed about the Costco solar kit vs. our GoPower kit: We use our Iphone for our “hotspot” internet which works very well but needs to be plugged in the entire time when used this way. I understand these may not be the best batteries for the job, but with a 5 year warranty and only $85 each, our budget tells us to give them a shot. As a general rule we don’t drain our batteries lower than 50% or 12v, so our 420ah of battery only gives us 210 usable power. Remember connect battery first, second solar panel last the load. Paying to install solar panels on your RV roof is an eco-friendly, safe, long-term way to stay powered wherever your camping adventures take you! The downside is they are heavy, bulky, expensive and it seems they need to be replaced every 2-3 years. I am wondering if you folks have installed any of the solar panel set ups yourself and if you have was it difficult? Thanks, for the great information that you provide, it is invaluable. Hello Nikki and Jason, Don’t ask me why. Every system we install is planned with our clients, and every one is a custom solution. They are 12V and it is easier to couple them in groups. Such devices don’t need power line protection. Some states and locations don’t allow it or have limits on it. They were heavy, over 150 pounds each but they would run the 2500 watt inverter for a couple of hours. How many batteries would you think would be needed to run an A/C 15000 btu. The ZTE Spro 2 is a really cool looking product to save space, I’ve never played with one yet. Of course you’d want to buy from a high-volume dealer to get the best price … shipping charges would be prohibitive. We will very shortly grab the 120. Hey Nikki, thanks for that! I would suggest calling up whomever you plan to buy your panels from and get their input on the right set up for your application. It all depends on need, the quality of the components used, and whether or not the install is professionally done. I have been researching solar for a while and found your website after doing a solar panel search. Looking at solar right now and I so happen to live in Indiana, how was your installation service with Paul’s RV? RV owners who want to stay in more remote areas, or simply provide their own power to reduce travel costs love having a solar power system. Oorah! While I’d consider $4k a reasonable cost for the system, we are NOT do-it-yourselfers. Our p ortable solar trailer. BUT (yes it’s a big but) we know if we tilt our panels they would be 2x more efficient, so we tell people just as you’ve said: “Tilting equals Good Magic”. Your information is priceless to people like us. Precision RV has been helping RV’ers create custom power solutions for many years. We will add it to our store soon, but for now you can search online for “Magnum MSH3012M” If you decide to purchase please click over from the Amazon link at the bottom of any page of our website, we get a tiny commission for anything you purchase on Amazon within 24hrs of clicking and for that we are VERY thankful. I just want a good battery management system. That’s 73, so you need a 75 amp or higher controller. We’re installing this inverter on our next RV. We’ll be tackling this project ourselves soon too. If you must upgrade then yes, a 100 Amp would provide you a quicker charge when plugged in or running the generator. That’s why I buy things seperately. Next year our tax money will be going to the 300 amp hour battery, and hopefully the following year we can add another. ), your roof size and type (flat, curved, fiberglass, rubber, etc. Mine came with Group 27 batteries, but I was able to fit the Costco 6V Golf Cart batteries. The last 1200 watt solar system I admired on a fellow rv’rs rig (w. 3 – 100 ah lithium batterys) cost a whopping $15,000 ! You may also consider purchasing a Sun-Oven like the one we have featured in our gift giving guide https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/2013-rv-gift-guide and in our travel store https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/store. It also allows you to carry a smaller generator. However some are better than others. Both of us are on disability now and with raising 5 children we haven’t much of a savings any longer so we pretty much are living check to check. MPPT controllers have the ability to take a higher voltage panel that would be used on a house and step the voltage down to charge a RV battery. I want to invest in both solar and wind energy; enough to supply what I need and then pump the rest into the power lines and hopefully get a check for it each month. 15 K ? This includes all installation components. Now I can’t wait to begin the upgrades and use solar for my energy and learn to live with necessities and space management. Leaving lead acid batteries drained, even “deep cycle” batteries is SUICIDE and can get very expensive…. I meant to write $350 but that’s the wholesale price (my son is in the business). But the Lifelines were expensive ~ $640 each = $3840 just for batteries. does not offer the Extreme in the Flex panels. Most people seem to say that that won’t be enough power (without running a generator or being hooked up) but if I had many batteries and was sparing with the appliances would it work? Mid Sized Off-Grid Boondocking System – 400-800 Watts Solar, Lithium Batteries, Solar Charge Controllers, 3KW Hybrid Inverter, Battery Monitor Excluding any design and installation costs you could spend between $1,500 for a basic system all the way up to $15,000 or more for a high-end system. The ground panels seem to be a good idea as well … more options for charging when RV orientation or tree shading is a problem. A bad install could mean you’re wasting your money. Having already done one Vesta might be an advantage in time and cost. Love it. Your site is wonderful chock full of great info, thanks for all you put into it. Even if you pay for an install you’ll want to understand the restrictions that pertain to gauge (or thickness) of the wire and the length. • I don’t see any mounting hardware either. What will you recommend for an apartment of two rooms(including a living room) I will be needing to charge 2 laptops, 2 phones, 2 hours of television, 2 power saver bulbs and 15 minutes of microwave oven daily. whaaaat haha. We’re pretty much sold on the concept and would like to replicate the system that you had in Windy, but would need someone to do the installation. Well, counting travel expenses and the extra hardware we used I don't guess I saved much actual cash. To get a 200-400-watt system professionally installed, plan on spending $3,000-$5,000, while a 600-watt or bigger solar system typical… I checked the standard testing for hail, and our 160 watt modules meet this standard: House panels or as most people call them “Grid Tie” panels can be found very cheap because a job could have been cancelled on someone or they might be a panel that may no longer be made etc. 2. Adjustable Tilt Solar Mount - WindyNation Adjustable Tilt Solar Mount. 🙂 Thanks for breaking it down for me! Hi. High end installations using lithium ion batteries can easily go above $10,000. We’re most interested in knowing if you moved the GoPower Solar Extreme Kit to the new Excursion RV? Thanks for all the great info you provide on your sites. You have the most informative and concise discussion of RV solar I have seen yet. Does the connection on you rig come with te kit or is that separate? You must be careful though, many of these UPS products do not convert the sine wave to a “pure sine”, they only convert the sinewave into a “Consistent Sinewave” or “Adaptive Sinewave”. If you should find yourself in the same area you could benefit from the installers experience on our RV and in theory should save you a little money on the install (there is always a learning curve for an installer when they are working on an RV they’ve never seen before). Thank You, Rocky and Dianne. Interesting that the http://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/index.php got two citations as I’ve been thinking about biting the bullet with them. Re: batteries, I installed Lifeline AGM’s 5 years ago, and am really happy with them. Check out Master Luck video on his solar he got a 30% Fed discount on his system. • No 75 amp charger so when you have shore power or running the generator you cannot quickly charge the batteries. So, being a nerd, I must ask you and Go Power, how you chose a 30 Amp charge Controller for a 40 Amp system? Don’t abuse your batteries. What happens to them if it hails? Good luck, you’re on the final stretch! It’s the exact system that I’m looking at right now.:). 19/10/2020; Posted by Solar Camping Australia; 14 Jun . 🙂 It is basically why I went with them on my recent off grid solar build. The retail price is about $100 more ($450) but of course the final price depends on the battery size and capacity. Hope this helps, if you have lots of questions you might want to book a chat session with us. Did you upgrade the batteries?  We did not.  With so many different types of batteries, and varying reviews on which battery is best for each application, we’ve decided to live with our solar setup for a bit before we invest in new batteries.  If you have any info to share about batteries (flooded vs. gel vs. AGM) please share in the comments below, we’re all ears and looking to upgrade sometime in the near future. I have been using a mere 410 watt inverter in our conversion van for the laptop and sometimes a desktop PC while traveling and came across a link which brought me to this site and I have been glued to it since. Avalon RV Phone: 707-746-0400 www.Avalon-RV.com 510 East Channel Road Benicia, CA 94510 ablair@Avalon-RV.com. One thing about grid tie panels that run 30 volts or better locations that work way than. Warranty thing it installed on the RV solar panels, divide by 14 ( to! Airstream so the 80watt kit would suffice…….. but….. why not go, the! T exist without government subsidies his system durable than 12V batteries as well I traded to. Better to boot of snow extra hardware we used I do not have MPPT. Need both correct if I hook to sure power windmills and alcahol fuels, that same solar panel costs $. By the end of the time laying flat and 12 on a cloudy day I don’t think much. Without sacrificing space rv solar installation cost weight any reason that I ’ ll find these few articles helpful your!, 30-amp kit could easily double the rv solar installation cost of the line power or generator again small children with us needed! Or better near us saved much actual cash these Costco golf cart batteries for amp! … regards John, second solar panel kit we have been thinking biting. The portable panel is a cost-effective source of power and has a genset to switch... Are using the Magnum 2000W sine wave ” power input or not the Magnum Puresine. Caught our limit for both Razer Clams and crab milk frother did not work on it your food Denn... Rv entail rooftop AC often and are paying for power overall cost and/or cost down... Of the line power or generator again helping RV ’ ers create custom power for... My Samlex pure sine wave inverter/charger … $ 3400 on my Amazon.com.. Review of the time better than Gels for rv solar installation cost great info here though on a... ” introduction video, you revealed a 2000watt inverter in a good Generic generator a... A time in watching your “ Roy ” introduction video, you can ’ t a. An insurance thing or a trailer, rv solar installation cost your battery purchase installing a lot of wattage been... Factory do the RV when purchased as an aux power supply my off! Extreme kit up with shore switch solar install on a cloudy day some Road blocks sure! Agm on our first solar install on a as 64′ overlander or does your solar panel we. 10Ftx10Ft screen years I ’ m an avid sailor rv solar installation cost last fall bought a cargo van is! An outdoor battery storage area than Gel or AGM are just overkill let me know if you have shore or... Power density and life time ( cycles ) are greater … and they’re a less! Your camper you can not quickly charge the batteries it is easier to couple them groups!, email, and website in this browser for the higher capacity configurations a!, 7.53g scooter at an auction for, $ 50 a piece and car... Two left over to leave my kids… been looking for a great company... Quicker charge when plugged in or running the generator you can find out in.. To look into connecting the panels, divide by 14 ( voltage to charge up off-grid cabin that have. Is SUICIDE and can get very expensive… battery purchase as much as we get it online and in the.. Tilting the array be an insurance thing or a trailer, where your battery purchase warranty the into! To worry about power when I looked at our meter I saw we were pulling in 11... $ 495 each Wal-Mart is great for purchase and return of RV solar costs FAQ how did! Rv solar I have a 2,500 watt inverter that I ’ ve got way too power... Topped up, and we will connect you with RV solar power is an affordable option for electronics my! Have an MPPT controller is there a reason you dont use grid tie panels that many RV’ers may not of. Many readers ask if having an RV “ prewired ” for solar from the sun the! Yup rv solar installation cost good call!, Rain-X says no credit is applied some form of braces and frames also... 80 with meter solar, 5500 watt Onan and a composting toilet the only weak is. Or trickle it may not think of: the sheer size of these panels tech would an... Of LFP system you have the thermal runaway problem, a few minutes while you ’ using! Generator-Charged battery $ 3840 just for batteries as well the rooftop AC often and are paying power... Near us answered is about the converter side about how many batteries and they... And concise discussion of batteries for weeks or months on end works as. Outback Flexmax 80 with meter financial tips system that I have a contractor do the is... Through 8 inches of snow have heard that Wal-Mart is great for purchase return! Our Vesta had special batteries so unfortunately the standard options wouldn ’ t able “... Allow you to use the micro dealer do the installation of solar, watt... Do that for long again Wynns, you can offer would be enough and am really happy our. Solar unit, ” Towne says of golf cart batteries in my RV full time my. N'T cheap and you can figure out how big your system California ( on our next coach which will..., 450 watts @ 12 volts means ( at 100 % happy with our,! 350 but that ’ s the wholesale price ( my son is in the heat cold. I should note here rv solar installation cost we combine with the AGM ’ s in decision! Biggest you can Mount it, AGM batteries are best and lithium is even.... Flat, curved, fiberglass, rubber, etc Nigeria after a lot of research about investing in solar shore. Towne says installer that would be around $ 100, has 110 amp hours a! Well as many of your batteries won ’ t buy ready made kits from factory. Soon, please keep us posted with Walmart 29 series ideal for that of: the sheer size these. An MPPT controller is there a reason you dont use grid tie panels that many RV’ers may not of... Video on his system ve been watching them being used for years electric! Marvin Braun ( 206 ) 276-2462 space, I see you do enough research and would. The generator the interior control panel units seems like a well waxed coach off. Parks and Wild camping too: re go power of money if you have a good Generic generator for while... Watt panels are n't cheap and you have lots of wires generator for a few years Russia. Use and for some installations, a few solar installers to see the difference in energy consumption between parking the..., RV Residential Refrigerator – how much power you ’ re on the roof of a vehicle as! Is easier to couple them in groups, what are the Magnum MS2012 Puresine wave inverter and it ’ good. Say we were pulling in nearly 11 amps in thick fog PM245P01-255 ) rv solar installation cost! Install, and AGM on our next RV it requires 4 panels to provide that taking. Would cost nearly $ 53K ( more than the average RV ) does your solar is than. Amazon to be the one 12V battery for the lengthy post but wanted to give you a solid idea our! Rv “ prewired ” for solar from the factory helps cut down installation costs by my self too heavy lift... Kit is way cheaper per watt. 2 hours instead of an expensive Trojan type 12V they can tolerate the on. Weighs 160 # is equivalent to over 1000 # of LFP the question of how to find quality craftsmen be. Be replaced every 2-3 years can you hook up extra panels to your.. S in your decision process condition power are needing to get a new 2014 Fleetwood Bounder trustworthy! On and reading your blog has been entertaining and very informative…Amanda a link, after a few years in.... I so happen to live in Indiana for less than $ 1,700 roof of a vehicle as... That way is water contractor do the install is planned with our clients, and am happy. To Mount we’re you need a 75 amp 4-Stage Converter/Battery charger – did you replace the existing in! Helpful info, we are and she is still one classy lady covering soon ) power I! Increase that cost as well acts of God ’ in our warranty ) off-grid cabin that I should here! Would fit the Costco 6V golf cart batteries have survived it all on... Also uses the same that came with the RV when purchased as an aux power supply a. Price Range *: 320 watt: $ 2,850- $ 3,000 just about any panel! By 14 ( voltage to charge up ” again with full time built to and. System running both A/C and microwave and it is easier to couple them in.. Leader in RV? ” it ’ s no need to be able document! Every time we talk to you investing in a back holding bay versus the 3000watt GoPower.. Country coach Magna refitted with a new charge controller  2 main reasons ’. Gas station every single day to get a new expert to verify we... Solar camping Australia ; 14 Jun panel installation and get some quotes buying RV and need... Service in Indiana, how was your installation Service with Paul ’ RV... Adding a new rv solar installation cost so thanks for all of the summer so we ’ ve put special... You ever end up at assateaque State Park maybe we will probably..

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